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UK Elvis Costumes produce professional Elvis jumpsuits at affordable prices. They produce these costumes with care and attention to detail, often taking many hours to complete. This ensures that when they finish your garment, you will receive a jumpsuit fit for a king.


All of the brass studs and stones required for each suit design are carefully placed and set by hand. The costumes are made from a high quality stretch gabardine material that will last for years to come.


Elvis Jumpsuit Photos section of this website shows their jumpsuits worn by leading Elvis tribute acts. UK Elvis Costumes obtain many repeat orders from these acts, and love working with customers old and new.


Prices are very affordable, and the advantage of them based in the UK means you do not have the dreaded Import Tax to pay. Import Tax and shipping can greatly inflate the price of your suit, so always remember this when ordering costumes from abroad.


Special Notice: They are no longer making belts to go with the Jumpsuits. Due to heavy workload, they are now referring all customers that require belts to Tony at Concert Belts.


This means prices for Elvis costumes will now be cheaper. Visit the Concert Belts website:

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Please Note: It is essential you provide us with the correct measurements for your costumes. It is not our responsibility if the measurements you have given are incorrect and the finished jumpsuit does not fit.


The measurements we ask for are very important. If you are unsure how to do them, please seek a professional dressmaker or tailor to assist you and write the required measurements down.


Once the suit is made to the measurements you have given, there is not much that can be done to the finished costume if it is miles too big or too small.